…aka The Aforementioned Pea.

I’m Paula. Many years ago, my friends began to call me Pea, and the name stuck. I don’t really mind that, although… once in a while, someone will spell it P-E-E… :) and then it starts to look like something with which I’m not too sure I enjoy being associated.

I know that most people who click on this page want to find out a) what I look like, and b) what I do. About the picture… :). As for what I do, I’m a writer, a singer, a student, and I run a small PR firm.

I’m a very private person, and consider myself an oxymoron in many ways. For instance, I’m quietly vocal. I’m shy, yet confident. I’m simply complicated and complicatedly simple.

I deliberately begin my sentences with conjunctions, which is not really a big deal until you discover that I’m a self-proclaimed grammar cop. I feel embarrassed for people. I enjoy Kenyan tea, and I can’t parallel park. I gravitate toward pregnant women because they are radiant. I think about heaven a lot, and wonder about strange things, like what Jesus’ laugh sounds like. I love hard, and I want to make a difference.

Also, I love Jesus, and I discover every day how much more He loves me.