*echo… echo..  echo…* LOL.

How are you?

Oh wow! So much has happened since my last post – so much going on this month in general. I’m tempted to turn this blog into a place where I update my friends and loved ones on my progress as opposed to doing what many see as dishing out advice because 1) the older I grow, the less I find I know, and I think I’m just tired of sounding off and want to sit at the feet of Jesus and learn, and 2) I feel freer here than on many other online forums. That said, I’m doing well, I’m thankful, and I have a couple of lovely (and LOVE-ly 😉 ) things going on with me – I’ll be back soon by God’s grace to dust off the cobwebs!

Much love!


PS: Yeah.. that title probably has nothing to do with this post.