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10 things you can say to make her day

Hey, all. I’d like to begin by apologizing for the comment issues on this blog. I’m always messing around with the settings and didn’t realize that the default comment setting had been set to “Do Not Allow”, possibly for months now. I thought Disqus was playing me but it’s probably my fault. Poleni. I need […]

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10 possible reasons why you are not over him

Hey, lady! It’s a beautiful day today, despite the clouds and the flurries. Ever have one of those days where you just feel beautiful and blessed no matter what is going on? It is said that every single woman hides in her heart a poignant memory of The One That Got Away. The Mr. Right […]

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Is it ever okay to walk?

When it comes to emotive issues (abortion, property rights, Biblical womanhood, etc), I tend to have firm, unwavering opinions. Divorce is one thing about which I have had a stubborn stand for a long time. In my view, until very recently, it was just never  permissible for any serious Christian couple. As far as I […]

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