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Stop running

Hey, guys. I know… it’s been a while. My apologies. When I got home from church on Sunday, I felt led to reread the story of Jonah, one that I’m sure you’re very familiar with. Jonah is a short book, doesn’t take that long to read. I always considered this prophet somewhat immature and very […]

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10 things to consider if you’re interested in a single dad

Ladies, I trust that we all know by now that The List is something that is better off trimmed, if not completely discarded. I’m pretty sure that five years ago, you were determined to end up with a tall, dark, rich, handsome, educated, childless, teetotaling, fashion-conscious, sexually skilled virgin who of course was also a […]

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10 things I’ve learned about love

Such a lazy title, I know. So anyway… I had breakfast with him recently. He was in town for some meeting or other, and since it had been a while, we decided to catch up. It was also his way of apologizing for something he’d done a few days earlier. He’s an amazing man, physically, […]

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