I’m passionate about relationships (and have been since way back before they were cool and everyone was a guru). I’m so passionate about them, in fact, that I found myself studying them in college… Everyone, myself included, predicted that I would become a lawyer, but I somehow ended up a Communications major. I believe that when we stop having mediocre relationships, we will stop living mediocre lives.

Relationships are a gift from God and are the basis for our lives. God created us to interact. Family, work, friendship, and even salvation and our eternal destiny all rest on healthy relationships. To be able to relate healthily with others, we must first be in a genuine relationship with God and be known by Him (Matthew 7:22-23). We all need hugs, laughs, conversations, and, while we are on earth, even conflict.

This blog is largely about my cogitations on how we can make our interactions fruitful, refreshing, joy-bringers. I am NOT a guru, nor do I have any desire to be one. In the words of Adenike Ogunlesi, “I’m not interested in it at all.” :) I’m just sharing – I’m actually here to learn.