What are some things you find delightful?

I enjoy many things that God created. Plantain, for example. I find it strange that one can have friend plantain and remain an atheist. I also enjoy continuous noises, like the sound of pouring rain or rushing rivers. Music shows me His grace and love. He could have chosen to make worship robotic, or even enjoyable just for Him. But as I listen to different instruments, and as I sing to Him, I find that I, too, am refreshed. I carry it delightfully into His presence.

He could have made eating and reproduction robotic processes as well. But from the crunch of the apple to melting honey in your mouth, how we take it for granted! We could have multiplied like amoeba. But He chose to give us a process that we, too, would enjoy. This Majesty – both Glorious and Gracious; so Big and yet so Benevolent – what a mighty God we, who worship Him, serve.

Among my favorite of God’s creations, however, is TIME. I once read somewhere that it forces character to reveal itself.

Time is a gift and a weapon. It seems so vast to man, yet it submits to the God who is the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the  End, the First and the Last. God uses it to hide and to reveal. To judge and to vindicate. To enthrone and to dethrone. To put space between human beings and sorrows, so that they slowly become fainter; to show how gracious the duration of the joys, so that hearts fill up with gratitude and mouths with praise. God uses time to warn us. To grow us. To process us. To refine us. The shining cannot happen before the refining. The manhood or manliness cannot happen before the childhood and childlikeness. The wife must first be a woman.

Time is grace as well as judgment for one reason: Behold, I come quickly; and My reward is with Me, to give every man according as his work shall be.

Look, Adam!
Behold your state.
Every animal, two by two;
And not a helper seen for you.

Look, Elijah!
False prophets destroyed.
Rain pouring – run ahead.
But Jezebel now wants your head.

Look, prophet!
Don’t give up!
Run with footmen – do not be scared!
You can’t run with horses unprepared!

Look, people!
A newborn King.
Shepherds praising, angels sing;
Glad tidings of great joy they bring.

Look, woman!
A painful arrow.
It is finished – behold thy son.
I am your God – the eternal One.

Look, sinner!
Time is short!
Do not waste your life on that fickle sport,
For you’ll have to answer in Jesus’ court.

Look, believer!
Yet a little while.
Fight the good fight – lift up your eyes.
Keep them steadily on the prize.

Oh, beloved,
It will soon be here,
Knees bent before Jesus in great awe;
Some sent away to gnash their jaws.

Look, dear saints!
It was all true!
Thank God we believed – all by His grace!
See multitudes, bowing before His face!

“Holy, holy, holy LORD”,
This our song for evermore,
As all Adam’s posterity
Go from time to eternity.

God bless you!